"I killed Beda's husband and Eremay's father, and condemned them to a life in exile. Naturally they want me dead."
Mara Jade Skywalker[src]

Beda Ies was the wife of Daxar Ies and the mother of Eremay Ies.


After her husband was targeted by the Galactic Empire, Emperor's Hand Mara Jade was dispatched to assassinate him for stealing from the Empire. While searching through Dexar's desk for a list of bank accounts in which he had placed two billion credits of the Emperor's funds into, Jade was interrupted by the Ies family. Shooting Dexar dead, she told Beda and Eremay to disappear forever, where they eventually became Joiners. UnuThul would later inform Jade and her husband Luke Skywalker, that the Ies' fear of discovery led to the corruption of the Gorog nest on Woteba, unknowingly creating the Dark Nest. Known as BedaGorog UnuThul believed that Skywalker had killed her on Kr. It was than that the Jedi discovered the tale to be false, because it was Dark Jedi Welk who died on Skywalker's blade.



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