"Meet Bee-Zerobee. He'll be your maintenance droid. Knows this bucket almost as well as I do. Say hello, Bee-Zerobee."
Nazrita Villache to Platt Okeefe[src]

Bee-Zerobee was a WED Treadwell repair droid. He was owned by the Klatooinian Trade Guild on Boztrok, and was given to Platt Okeefe along with her first ship the Brentaal Princess.[1]

Okeefe somehow recovered the droid after she escaped from slavery and put him to work in her new ship, the Pok's Demise. However, the faithful droid was finally destroyed on a run from Tatooine. A number of bounty hunters tried to apprehend Okeefe who was forced to flee without running a full diagnostics check on her ship. It had suffered electrical damage from scurriers and Okeefe was forced to crash the ship in the Dune Sea. Bee-Zerobee was unsecured during the crash and so was smashed all over the main corridor of the ship.[2]



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