Beggar's Solace was a Starlight-class light freighter owned by the smuggler Jin-Jin, who stole it from the hangar bay at the academy on Carida where he served as a TIE pilot. His original plan was to steal an advanced TIE fighter, but he was caught in the process. He managed to escape in the Solace, but unfortunately its hyperdrive motivator initiated prematurely and the ship went off on a wild trip through hyperspace. Jin-Jin subsequently was forced into stripping the ship of parts which he sold on the black market to recoup his losses. When he started his career as a smuggler and mercenary, Jin-Jin made enough money to refit the Solace and turn it from a rampaged bucket of bolts into a useful rampaged bucket of bolts. The ship was crewed by Jin-Jin and his R2 unit, which served as a navigator, and was used on smuggling runs, for transport of personnel and also as an escape vehicle on various sabotage and theft missions.