Begubb was a male Toydarian criminal baron who terrorized one of the villages on Ryloth, demanding that the Twi'leks pay him regular quotas of the ryll spice.

When the villagers, on one occasion, failed to pay him a full annual tribute (missing the quota by ten percent), Begubb accused the Twi'leks of having spent too much time with their children, nurturing and caring for them. As punishment, he took one of every ten children away from their parents. But in exacting that retribution, Begubb made sure to choose only the smartest and the prettiest of children, taking the girl Pala Kwi'teksa from her mother, who wailed in sorrow as Pala was wrenched from her arms. Then, as with so many others, the Toydarian baron criminally sold the child into slavery on Tatooine, delivering her to the crimelord Gardulla the Hutt, her first master. In 37 BBY, Gardulla sold Pala to Madame Vansitt, to be trained in the fine arts of espionage, political blackmail and assassination, at Vansitt's Mos Espa 'Charm Academy'.

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