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"It's come equipped with some kind of built-in blaster!"
―Han Solo[src]

The Behemoth from the World Below was the result of an experiment in Sith alchemy by Seviss Vaa. The Sith Lord took a simple lizard on Aduba-3 and mutated it with the dark side, turning it into a colossal monster with the ability to shoot a blaster-like beam from its forehead. The Behemoth was developed to single out and target any Jedi carrying a lightsaber. However, Vaa never was able to fully complete his experiment. The energies of the dark side that kept the creature in one piece were weak and it could easily break apart, so Vaa placed it in suspended animation in a cave. Vaa was killed at Ruusan before he could return and finish his project.


Centuries passed, and followers of the Sacred Way built villages all over Aduba-3. One of these villages was Onacra, which was built very close to the Behemoth's resting place. A Force-sensitive villager sensed the presence of the great monster, and legends arose about the great Behemoth, which Serji-X Arrogantus heard in his youth. Han Solo had heard stories of similar monsters being destroyed by lightsabers.

As a young man, the Old One once witnessed the Behemoth. Years later, he was able to awaken the sleeping monster to combat the evil Serji-X Arrogantus, who had attacked the Old One's village. It managed to kill Arrogantus, the Old One, most of the Cloud-Riders gang, and Hedji before finally Han Solo managed to destroy it using Don-Wan Kihotay's lightsaber. He discovered that lightsabers' light-blades counteracted the energy that powered the beast's fin bolts.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Behemoth from the World Below was created by Roy Thomas, Howard Chaykin and Tom Palmer.

The plot of a resurrected dark side monster with a name alluding to the Biblical book of Job was reused for Dark Horse's Jedi Academy: Leviathan. The Hebrew word "behemoth" means "great beast".



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