"Look, acolytes. Another attempt to cast you out, just as I foresaw."

Beldiss was a male Human Sith Lord of the resurgent Sith Empire living during the Galactic War. He was one of the top Imperial diplomats on Voss along with Darth Serevin. His plan was to take failed Voss Mystics and teach them the ways of the Sith, reducing the need for the alliance with the Voss in favor of the Voss Sith. On the side, he utilized his smooth charm to continually show the Galactic Republic in a bad light, earning a rival in Ambassador Jannik.

Eventually, when a Republic traveling hero uncovered his plans, Beldiss invited him to his base in the Ruined City to show that his new Voss acolytes willingly joined the Sith. But when his acolytes considered joining the Jedi, Beldiss refused to lose his initiates after so much effort. He attacked the hero, but was killed, with the Voss joining the Jedi Order.