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A suit of dark armor was crafted by Belia Darzu, a Sith Lord who lived centuries before the end of the New Sith Wars.[3] Heavy plated and specialized for battle,[1] the dark armor was worn by Lord Darzu while she operated in a resurgent faction of the dark side-worshipping Sith Order. The suit—like most types of Sith dark armor[2]—was imbued with the power of the dark side of the Force at the hands of its creator. To this end, the armor bestowed enhanced stealth capabilities upon its bearer,[3] as well as increased physical strength. Valued at 37,000 credits,[2] the dark armor was intended for optimal protection against multiple Jedi opponents in battle.[1]

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The dark armor of Belia Darzu was first mentioned in the The Dark Side Sourcebook, a roleplaying supplement published in 2001 by Wizards of the Coast.[2]


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