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Belkor Dray was a human male who served as an Imperial colonel on the planet Ryloth. Belkor, seeking advancement, secretly supported the anti-Empire Free Ryloth movement to undermine his superior, Moff Delian Mors, for years committing treason against the Galactic Empire. Incorrectly believing himself to be in charge of the resistance group, Dray was actually being manipulated the entire time.


When Moff Delian Mors became inactive on Ryloth, choosing to spend her time doing various illegal activities, she placed Belkor Dray in charge of maintaining the Imperial forces on the planet. For years afterwards, Dray supplied information to Cham Syndulla's Free Ryloth movement in an effort to discredit and remove Mors from office. As Syndulla began planning the destruction of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Perilous, he revealed to Dray that he had evidence of Dray's betrayal and forced Dray to begin working directly for them. Initially unaware that Emperor Sheev Palpatine and Darth Vader were onboard the Perilous, he helped false maintenance teams carrying explosives to board the damaged Star Destroyer. When the Emperor and Vader both escaped the exploding ship on a small shuttle, Syndulla ordered Dray to supply them the shuttle's identification so it could be found and destroyed in orbit. Realizing that Moff Mors, who was also en route to Ryloth on her own shuttle, would have to be killed for his own safety, Dray sent Syndulla both shuttles' identifications and falsely claimed he did not know which shuttle the Emperor and Vader were on.[1]

While both shuttles were critically damaged, none of the three targets were killed when they crashed on Ryloth's surface. In order to hinder search and rescue teams, Dray sent the Free Ryloth movement false clearance to enter a communication hub, allowing them to sabotage it and cause a planet-wide communications blackout. As Syndulla and his men landed in the search zone to track down the Emperor and Vader, Dray gathered a group of Imperial V-wing pilots loyal to him, fabricated a story stating that Mors was a traitor, and led them on a mission to find and kill the Moff. During the mission, Dray learned that Mors figured out his betrayal and was now leading a team of stormtroopers to rescue the Emperor. When Dray's spacecraft accidentally encountered Syndulla's team, the pilot correctly assumed that they were members of the Free Ryloth movement, forcing Dray to shoot and kill him.[1]

As he aided Syndulla in tracking the Emperor, Dray became increasingly erratic, even questioning his own sanity at one point, and began conversing with the pilot's corpse. Eventually, he discovered the Emperor, Lord Vader, and dozens of Twi'leks gathered in a village, with Syndulla spying on it from nearby. Wanting to rid himself of them all, he ordered the V-wing pilots to bomb both targets. However, Mors had already come in contact with the pilots and had convinced them that Dray was the real traitor. As the V-wings arrived to escort Mors and her men, Dray briefly communicated with Mors, stating that she was the one that had been betraying the Empire through neglect for years, but failed to find an argument when she reminded him that the blood of hundreds of Imperials were on his hands. As a V-wing approached, Dray decided not to flee, instead concluding "thank goodness" as the V-wing destroyed the craft with him in it.[1]

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