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Lieutenant Bella's assault transport concepts.

Bella's assault transport was the personal assault transport ship of Lieutenant Bella, in operation prior to the Clone Wars. Bella kept her assault transport in the hangar bay of the Sabaoth destroyer Reaver, as well as in the former base of pirate captain Nym on Lok.

When Nym attempted to retake his homeworld of Lok from the Trade Federation, Lieutenant Bella flew her transport to the planet's surface ahead of him, lying in wait within the Federation refueling station. When Nym's assault reached the base, Bella's transport powered up from within the lower levels, and engaged the Feeorin's Havoc bomber in a furious dogfight over the Lok plains, in which Nym destroyed it, killing Bella in the process.

Bella's assault transport was armed with laser cannons and swarm missile launchers. Its design was similar to starship models produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, though the origin of the customized vessel remained unknown. It also bore an appearance that was slightly similar to the Sith Infiltrator.


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