The Bellicose was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, commanded by Captain Aban, that joined Grand Admiral Thrawn's fleet during Thrawn's campaign against the New Republic in 9 ABY. It was made flagship at the time of an operation in the Taanab system, during which the Dark Jedi Joruus C'baoth did as he pleased with the Bellicose's gunnery controls despite Aban's orders. Later, the ship participated in an assault operation against the New Republic base of Ord Pardron as part of Thrawn's plan to capture the Ukio system. The Bellicose last appeared at the Battle of Bilbringi.

Behind the scenesEdit

A Rebel training mission in the Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter game depicts Calamari Cruiser Liberty being trapped by Interdictor Restrainer and subsequently attacked by ISD Bellicose and VSD Jundland. Rebel fighters have to destroy the Restrainer in order for the Liberty to escape. It is unknown, however, whether this fictional scenario recreates an actual battle between said forces, or when and where it would have taken place.



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