Belos was a male Human businessman and member of the Corellian Council during both the Cold War and the Galactic War on Corellia.


Belos had a very opportunistic mind and was always looking to cut a better deal. When agents of Imperial Intelligence approached the Council with their offer to join the Empire amid promises of rich rewards, Belos, believing the Empire's superior military might would allow it to overwhelm the Republic, voted to join the winning side. But when the civil uprising against the Sith Empire gained the support of the Jedi and the Galactic Republic, Belos understood that the wind was changing and offered his secret support to the Republic Command, aiding them in eliminating many Imperial strongholds, thereby saving his life from accusations of treason.

Belos reached out to the Republic, providing them intel to help them push the Empire off Corellia, as well as orchestrating the deaths of Darth Acharon, Darth Hadra and Darth Decimus. Belos also joined the heroes of the Republic in a holoconference with Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh and the Galactic Senate. Belos explained the reasons behind Corellian Council's actions and promised that, if he was allowed to stay in office, he would dedicate the rest of his term to redeeming himself. Saresh expressed hesitancy to trust him, as he could betray Corellia to the Empire again. However, a Republic hero spoke in favor of Belos, pointing out that he risked his life to help them. Thus, Saresh agreed to his request.