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"My mortification is most acute. As gatemaster, defense of the hypergate is my first function. But I am Administrator caste—wholly unsuited to this task!"
―Gatemaster Beltek'k, recruiting help with the situation on Asation.[src]

Beltek'k was a Gatemaster of the Gree Enclave during the time of the Cold War. During that time, the planet Asation had been attacked by Kephess who served the Dread Masters as they attempted to sow fear in the galaxy. As a result, the mutated Trandoshan took control of the Grand Hypergate and created a rift in hyperspace that brought the emergence of numerous hostile lifeforms. Thus, in desperation, the Gree dispatched Gatemaster Beltek'k who held a duty to defend the Hypergate. This saw him journey to the Galactic Republic to enlist the aid of numerous spacers to undo the damage done to Asation before it became permanent. Following the completion of this task, the Gatemaster along with other Gree dignitaries decided to honor the spacers by awarding them the title of Red Rhombus.


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