Benald Orlan was wanted by the New Republic for treason, espionage, accessory to murder of Alliance to Restore the Republic and New Republic Personnel, accessory to theft of Alliance and New Republic Property as well as accessory to destruction of alliance and New Republic property. There was a bounty of 55,000 credits on his head.


Early lifeEdit

Benald Orlan was the son of the noble New Republic Admiral Karin Orlan. He studied at the Imperial University of Marngar III at the Thene Campus and was primarily interested in Imperial politics. His mother, Karin Orlan, joined the Rebellion shortly after he enrolled at the university, and his father was also a Rebel sympathizer.


Unknown to his parents and younger siblings, he had informed the Imperial authorities about his parents' political alignment, and as a result the Imperials had the Orlan household and recorded several conversations between Karin Orlan and her husband. On the day Karin Orlan was promoted to lieutenant, the Orlan household was raided and executed Benald's father and siblings. Subsequently, three Alliance outposts were attacked by the Empire, five Rebel agents were revealed, and two contraband shipments were intercepted. All of this was because of Benald.

Wanted by the New RepublicEdit

After graduation, Benald got a lowly job as a clerk in Galaxy Tours. His mother, now an admiral in the New Republic, learned the truth about her son some time after the establishment of the New Republic and immediately informed high command, who issued a bounty on her son. Benald was not known to have any military training but was highly intelligent, and therefore bounty hunter interested in capturing him were advised to approach him with caution.