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This article is about the person. You may be looking for a different Bender.

Bender Sonship was a male Human who served in the Thaereian military during the Clone Wars.


Sonship was a member of a squad under the command of Lorwin Derlynn. During the Clone Wars, he and the rest of the squad were sent to occupy an abandoned Cularin Militia base in the Cularin system asteroid belt. The Heroes of Cularin arrived there, intending to deliver supplies to the Militia, so the squad tried to make them surrender to them. However, the heroes tried to convince Sonship and his comrades to defect to the Militia instead.

Personality and traitsEdit

Sonship was tall and had a shaven head. He liked blowing things up and preferred to shoot first and ask questions later. He believed that Derlynn was too softhearted and disliked it when they had to take prisoners rather than kill people. He believed that the Cularin Militia were Separatist scum.


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