Benjo, or ST-1-2, was the second-in-command of the TIE/LN starfighter Alpha Squadron assigned to the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Steel Talon. Benjo, a male Human, flew as the right panelman for the squadron leader Villian Dance.


Benjo was one of twelve pilots sent on a mission to intercept RLH-1, a stolen Lambda-class shuttle piloted by prison escapees attempting to flee the prison planet Despayre in the Horuz system. Benjo was anxious to participate in some action, but followed orders and led the rest of the squadron into a bracket formation, holding back while his squadron commander went ahead to attempt communication with the stolen ship's pilot. When the RLH-1's pilot refused to return the stolen craft and instead began to engage the squad leader, Benjo witnessed his commander outmaneuver and destroy the shuttle. Having not seen any action except drills since being assigned to the Steel Talon, Benjo displayed his satisfaction by congratulating his commander on a good hit.


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