Benok: "Perhaps you don't know who I am?"
Meetra Surik: "Someone with an overinflated opinion of himself?"
―Benok and Meetra Surik[src]

Benok was a male Human, and chief of security for Loppak Slusk, head of operations for the Exchange on Citadel Station over Telos IV.


Making the most of his master dueling skills and giving every job his fullest attention, Benok worked his way quickly up the ladder of the Exchange on Citadel Station to become Slusk's enforcer, impressing Slusk with his skill and attitude. He was cold, calculating, and arrogant, and was feared by opponents of the Exchange. Skillful with a blaster, his own henchmen included Matu and Nahata, two of the best and most ruthless Exchange thugs on Telos. Benok, while on Telos, threatened Meetra Surik in the cantina only to be killed by her later as she stormed the Exchange offices. Wearing reinforced fiber armor for protection, Benok also had a custom blaster with an additional ion cell, which Surik may have taken from Benok's body as a trophy after he was killed.

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