Bens Figgs was an Imperial stormtrooper serving at Golrath Station during the Galactic Civil War.


In his youth, Bens graduated at the top of his class at the Imperial Academy on Carida, in the same promotion of his friend Tabbins Vee. He excelled in every goal he set for himself and was known for being a likeable sportsman who "always got the girl". Almost immediately, his superiors considered him for officer material, but Academy protocols required that he served a tour of duty in the stormtrooper corps. It was only a matter of time before Bens would be considered for enlistment as a member of the Emperor’s Royal Guard. Bens didn’t live long enough to receive such a recommendation, however. In 3 ABY, Princess Leia Organa led a Rebel attack on Golrath Station and incapacitated trooper Figgs. He was present inside the facility when the entire plant exploded as the result of a power core breach.


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