"… the Vibroblades have Benthar, I hear, and they want a merger."
Farmer's Folly patron[src]

Benthar was a Human male from the planet Draenell's Point. He led the gang known as Benthar's Boys, and was involved with a woman named Droxie. Following the arrival of the Galactic Empire on Draenell's Point, Benthar's Boys harassed the local Imperial garrison and got involved in a turf war with a the Vibroblade gang. Droxie left him for the leader of the Vibroblades, Herafin, and during a fight between the gangs Benthar was captured. He was eventually freed by Alliance to Restore the Republic operatives working with Benthar's Boys.

The operatives convinced both the Benthar's Boys and Vibroblades to unite and form a resistance cell to oppose the Imperial presence on the world.


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