"Business is war, gentlemen. And we've almost got the scum beat!"
―Benton Maas[src]

Benton Maas was a Human male who served as an Corellian Engineering Corporation employee during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire.


When the Empire invaded Corellia, Benton Maas and the Czerka Corporation created a massive army of security droids to battle against Commander Jastal and his Imperial forces. However, their plan failed when an Imperial hero was able to disable two of CEC's signal towers. Benton Maas himself was protected by Czerka's best droid, C-9X, which was promised by Brall Tavar to be unbeatable. However, the droid was destroyed and its unique signal emitter it used to control other droids fell into the Imperial's hands. The rest of the board immediately became cowed but Benton defiantly dared the Imperial hero to turn CEC's own droids on him and his colleagues. The Imperial hero obliged, ordering the droids to kill the board but executed Benton personally.

Behind the scenesEdit

Benton Maas is a non-player character in the Star Wars: The Old Republic video game in the Corellia chain quest for Empire players.

Gameplay alternativesEdit

Imperial players can choose to either execute Benton and the CEC board, gaining dark side points, or have their droids take them prisoner, earning light side points.