Berethron e Solo was a King of Corellia. He ruled during the Golden Age of the Old Republic, and introduced democracy in the Corellian Empire.


Berethron was descended from Jonash e Solo, the Prince-Admiral of Corellia during the Seventeenth Alsakan Conflict.[source?] In 312 BBY he abolished his absolute rule and moved the planetary government toward a constitutional monarchy.


Han Solo and his cousin Thrackan Sal-Solo were both thought to be Berethron's descendants. In 8 ABY, C-3PO invoked that lineage to prove Solo's worthiness to marry Leia Organa before the Hapan Royal House. Han's great-grandfather, Korol Solo, was a presumed descendant of Berethron, and used that to put a forward a claim as pretender to the throne of the Corellian Empire, but was hanged for his crimes.



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