Berl was a Human male pilot of the Rebel Alliance who flew an X-wing starfighter under the command of Luke Skywalker.


Some time after the Battle of Hoth, Berl and Cinda Tarheel attended Luke Skywalker as wing-men on a mission to the planet Serphidi. Rebel Intelligence had learned that the Serphidian monarch, King S'Shah, had been engaging in talks with the Galactic Empire. The Rebels’ mission was to oust King S'Shah before the Imperials could establish a permanent foothold on Serphidi. Moments after landing their fighters, the pilots came upon several Serp warriors armed with lances, riding atop lizard-mounts. One of the Serp soldiers blasted Berl in the stomach, killing him.

Physical appearanceEdit

Berl was a young, male Human with a thin, black mustache and light brown hair styled in a cropped, military fashion. He wore the standard-issue X-wing flight suit.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character of Berl was created by Marvel Comics writers, Michael Fleisher and David Michelinie.


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