"Call me Bernie. You wouldn't happen t'have a cigar on you?"
―Bernie to Lando Calrissian[src]

Bernie was a customs agent on Dilonexa XXIII. He was a small man with wiry arms and legs, knobby knuckles, a shiny pink scalp, and gray stubble. He was known to have had a second cousin named Shirley, likely not the entertainer of the same name. In 3 BBY, he received a message from Administrator Senior Lob Doluff of the Oseon system for one Lando Calrissian, who arrived on the planet soon afterward. Unfortunately for Calrissian, he was informed by Bernie that his cargo of fishing poles, wintenberry jelly, and hides would be useless to the native Dilonexans (called "Dilonexicans" by Bernie). The agent then delivered the message to Calrissian at a price of 1,350 credits, threatening a 2,000-credit penalty when the gambler first refused the price.