Berrann was a fighter from the planet Barab I.


Berrann was born in a family famous for it's shockboxing combat style and was taught how to fight from an early age. When he was old enough to leave Barab I, he was found by a sponsor, an offworlder named Jabba the Hutt, who promised him that he would take him all the way to the top and make him a champion. Jabba kept his promise and Berrann thrived in his new environment, bringing down every opponent he faced.

His relationship with Jabba came to an end after he decided to win a fixed match that he was supposed to lose. Enraged, Jabba put a bounty on his head and hired the best bounty hunters to catch him. Berrann took refuge in the underworld fighting circuit of a powerful crime boss far from Jabba and hoped that one day he would be able to take his revenge on Jabba for thinking of destroying his family's pride.