Besh was a young male Korun rebel from Haruun Kal who fought for the Upland Liberation Front during the Summertime War and the Clone Wars.


Besh had a scar as long as the distance between his mouth and the right ear, he lacked three fingers of the left hand, and his tongue had been removed, all due to the torture of a group of jups. He was the younger brother of Lesh. When Lesh died because of fever wasps, he was very affected, but, moreover, he was infected by the same larvae. When he and Chalk were under the effects of thanatizine, to avoid the illness symptoms, Terrel Nakay, a Balawai boy, tried to kill them, and Besh was injured. When they found Kar Vastor, the lor pelek used his extraordinary healing skills to cure Besh's infected wound, but he couldn't save him.



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