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"Those crushgaunts are illegal. But you know that."
"I just like antiques. I've got a proper beskad, too."
Briika Jeban and Goran Beviin[src]

A beskad was an ancient Mandalorian sword made of beskar. Beskade could also be made from durasteel, but Mandalorians preferred to use beskar in their forging. Their construction from the Mandalorian iron gave them a natural strength and resistance to lightsabers.


Beskade were ancient, traditional swords used by Mandalorians in combat. Usually made from Mandalorian iron, beskade had a blade length of forty five centimeters, and a blade width of nearly six centimeters. The blade itself was sharpened on only one edge, and curved upwards to a point. The feel and look of the weapon was described as being similar to a farming or growth clearing tool. The hilt was usually wrapped with leather, and was similar in feel to a well-balanced hammer. Weighing two kilograms (sometimes more), beskade were in fact wielded like hammers, with the wielder using the heftiness of the blade to overcome an opponent. Because beskade were about half of the length of lightsabers, beskad users often learned to perfect techniques that allowed them to get inside the reach of their opponent. In duels with both combatants wielding beskade, the advantage went obviously to the fighter with greater skill. In the hands of masters, beskade can be formidable weapons against lightsabers. Used properly, a swordsman can effectively eliminate a lightsaber user's ability to perform long strokes by exploiting their opponent's reach, and depriving them of ample attacking distance.

While training on the planet Mandalore under Boba Fett, Jaina Solo learned to handle a beskad to some degree. Goran Beviin, also a forger of the ancient swords, gave the young Jedi Solo lesson in rudimentary techniques with a beskad. Jaina immediately realized the difference in handling the weapon, and resorted to using the Force to help balance her. Beviin also illustrated to Jaina that Jedi dueling was predictable, and in order for her to confront her brother she would need to learn to fight in ways that he had not.



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