"In the end, all existence will fall to us…"

Bestia, also known as the "Keeper of the Dread Seeds", was a member of the Dread Masters, powerful Sith sorcerers. She and Brontes were the only female Masters. She wielded a red bladed lightsaber, and was considered the most powerful of her colleagues.

Dread Master Bestia was known to be the keeper of the Seeds of Rage, powerful devices that would induce fear, terror and mutation to their location. It is possible the theft of the seeds and their use were her sole plan as they were her property. Bestia, similar to her 'sister' Brontes, had great interest in genetic and biological altering and mutation. Bestia had various creatures at her disposal which she claimed were 'legion', acting as one for her bidding. These creatures, though mutated and quite powerful, listened to her call and did as she ordered.

Bestia used her monster forces as her front line offence most of the time, though this did not mean she was unskilled in combat; in fact it was far from it. Bestia's physical abilities exceeded that of any normal Jedi or Sith. She was fast, powerful, and a master of Force and saber combat.

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