"Commander, execute Plan Beta-Three."
―Lieutenant Bella[src]

Plan Beta-Three was a tactical maneuver used by Sabaoth Squadron during the latter portion of the Battle of Nod Kartha in 22 BBY. A combined fleet consisting of the Lok Revenants and Mere Resistance attacked a Trihexalon factory on Nod Kartha. The spacers came out of hyperspace and engaged the Orbital Defense Cannons before breaking through to the surface. After the factory was wiped out, Sabaoth Squadron reinforcements led by Lieutenant Bella in the Reaver arrived in orbit and began salvaging the wrecked cannons. When the resistance starfighters flew back to rendezvous with their cruiser, the Tritus, the two fleets engaged one another. Bella ordered the commander of one of the Sabaoth Frigates to execute Plan Beta-Three, and three frigates jumped into hyperspace. While the resistance gathered cannon pieces to use for themselves, the three frigates jumped back into the battle and used their tractor beams to hold the Tritus in place. The frigates were ultimately destroyed, allowing the resistance to flee to their next engagement.

Behind the scenesEdit

This tactical maneuver appears in the video game Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter.