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"Lord Vader, ship approaching. X-wing class."
"Good. Monitor Skywalker and allow him to land."
―Bewil and Darth Vader[src]

Bewil was a human male who was an officer in the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. He served Darth Vader, and monitored Luke Skywalker as he arrived on Cloud City.


"Skywalker has just landed, my Lord."
―Bewil, to Darth Vader[src]

Bewil[2] was an Imperial officer who was assigned to Darth Vader during the Galactic Civil War, as he searched the galaxy for his son, the fledging Jedi Luke Skywalker. After the Battle of Hoth, Vader set a trap for Skywalker on Cloud City, a tibanna gas mine in the skies of the planet Bespin. Skywalker was lured to Bespin and approached Cloud City aboard his T-65B X-wing starfighter. The Imperials detected the fighter's approach, and, in the Cloud City carbon-freeze chamber, Bewil informed Vader of the development. The Dark Lord ordered him to monitor Skywalker and allow him to land on Cloud City. He later spoke to Vader again, to inform him that Skywalker had landed.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"I got six weeks of employment and, financially, it turned out to be the best job of the year. That is my abiding memory of Star Wars, and also the fact that it is the only thing that has ever interested my grandchildren. The fact that I was in a Star Wars film makes them very happy. I have done a great many theatre plays and television shows and other films, but they don't care about any of that. All they want to know about is The Empire Strikes Back and that, I think, speaks volumes about the effect those great movies have across generations."
―Milton Johns, who portrayed Bewil[src]
Kershner and Johns

Milton Johns (right) on the set of The Empire Strikes Back

Belwil appeared in the 1980 film Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, in which he was portrayed by Milton Johns.[3] In the film's closing credits, he was identified only as part of a group of "Other Officers."[1] Johns was cast in the role after the film’s producers contacted talent agencies in the United Kingdom looking for supporting actors. Johns was reluctant to take on the role, and was initially disappointed in how little screen time he would have if he took the role. Once he found that the producers wanted him for a week, as well as what the pay would be, he signed on to take the role. After he arrived at Elstree Studios, the filming of his scenes was delayed. He was ultimately booked for six weeks as the production built new stages, reworked the schedule, and dealt with other production issues. The size of his role remained the same, however, and the producers only kept him booked for so long due to not knowing when precisely his scenes would be shot.[3]

Johns' scenes were finally scheduled to be filmed in the fifth week of his employment. Once they started filming, however, steam used in the carbon chamber set ruined all of the costumes. As a result, Johns remained for a sixth week, when he finally shot his scenes. He was paid for all six weeks and, due to his extended employment, he considered it his best job of the year.[3]


Notes and referencesEdit

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