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The Bez'ox Mentzz was a YT-1300 light freighter.



The Bez'ox Mentzz's escort is destroyed

In 1 ABY, it was traveling through the rich shipping lanes of the Corellian system, transporting an atmospheric inhibitor. It was escorted by a mercenary in a Y-Wing. Just as the crew was preparing to jump into hyperspace, the freighter was intercepted and their escort was shot down by a spacer in a heavily armed ship. The spacer had been hired by the the station master of the Dantooine Space Station to secure the cargo for him. Threatened by the firepower of the spacer's ship, the freighter's crew surrendered and followed him to a rendezvous point where their cargo was transferred. Three Z-95 Headhunters of the Corellian Security Force (possibly alerted by the freighter's crew) tried to intercept the spacer's ship shortly thereafter, but were shot down after a short dogfight.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Bez'ox Mentzz is the second target of a mission that is available to players when communicating with the Dantooine Space Station. The first target was the Shifty Prince, the third and final target is the Lord's Mistress.



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