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{{Individual_ship |name=Bezil |image=[[File:Bezil_shu.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Bezil under fire from Dimok BTL Y-wing starfighter |manufacturer= |line= |model=Lambda-class T-4a shuttle |class=Shuttle |cost= |modifier= |sysmods= |length= |width= |height= |mass= |max accel= |mglt= |max speed= |engine= |hyperdrive= |hdrange= |hdsystem= |poweroutput= |power= |shield gen= |hull= |sensor= |target= |navigation= |avionics= |maincomp= |countermeasures= |armament= |complement= |bays= |escapepods= |crew= |skeleton= |passengers= |capacity= |cargohandling= |consumables= |lifesupport= |communications= |othersystems= |role=*Shuttle |era=Rebellion era |commission= |destroyed=3 ABY |retired= |battles=*Sepan campaign

|affiliation=Ripoblus |fleet= |taskforce= |owners= |namedcrew= |captains= |registry= |aliases= |modules=}}

The Bezil was a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle used by Ripoblus forces during the Sepan Civil War. Imperial forces encountered shuttle Bezil as Dimok starships staged a raid on a Ripolus supply convoy which was a group of three Modular conveyors called Asbo. The shuttle, along with Bredis and Gamu, aided Imperial starfighters in pushing back the Dimok attackers.

After the attack was driven off Imperial Ace Maarek Stele inspected the convoy to discover Imperial munitions in the convoy, likely sold by Admiral Harkov who was, ironically enough, leading the campaign to end the civil war.

The Shuttle was ultimately destroyed, likely by Dimok forces, if not Imperial forces.

Behind the scenesEdit

If the Bezil survives and the player inspects the convoy the shuttle will turn hostile and will have to be destroyed.


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