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The Bhir'khi Pass was a valley on the planet of Sheris.

Geographic featuresEdit

The Bhir'khi Pass was glacially-carved, long and broad with light vegetation, a few large boulders, and a small lake at its center. Several large boulders were deposited in this high valley thousands of years ago by a receding glacier. These boulders are several meters tall and weigh over a hundred tons each. Centuries of erosion have rounded off the boulders bases and deeply cracked them. But as its name suggested, the Bhir'khi Pass was better known as one of the only access path to Marter An, the capital city and only spaceport of the planet. This made the valley a strategic point for the control of Sheris.


During the Thrawn campaign, the New Republic and Imperial forces fought in the Bhir'khi Pass in order to control the access to the capital.


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