"Do you think you're ready to become Master Solo's apprentice ?"
"I don't think so, Master Skywalker. I know so. I'll make you proud, Master Solo."
"Not so fast, Grand Master Skywalker asked if you thought you were ready to become my apprentice. He didn't say he thought so. And I haven't said I think so, either."
―Masters Skywalker and Solo with Bhixen[src]

Bhixen was a senior male Togorian Jedi apprentice in training in the Jedi Academy on Shedu Maad soon after the Lost Tribe of Sith emergence.

In 45 ABY, he passed the Trials under the supervision of the Jedi Council in order to become the apprentice of Master Solo. Unfortunately, the young Togorian, although promising, showed too much pride and aggressivity, so instead of being paired with Solo, Bhixen was retrograded, with his consent, to the rank of Novice in order to learn humility.

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