Bhu Fath was a Yuuzhan Vong of Domain Fath. Though Domain Fath were members of the Intendant caste, Bhu Fath was made a Commander within the Warrior caste, due to petitions from Domain Fath's many Consuls. Though he was extremely tall and muscular, he was not greatly respected among his subordinates, as he was clearly incompetent. At the Battle of Selvaris, he relied more on Commander Malik Carr's help than any his own initiative.[1] Carr, who had been demoted following a failure earlier in the war, used his initiative and took command from Fath. Commander Fath yielded to the veteran warrior's demands; Carr had fought at the Battle of Fondor earlier in the Yuuzhan Vong War, among other battles, and had been highly regarded.[2] When Fath brought the prisoners aboard his vessel, the Sacred Pyre, to Yuuzhan'tar, he had only five hundred prisoners, less then half the required minimum for the upcoming sacrifice. To replenish their ranks, Fath suggested they use the Peace Brigaders, but only Most High Priest Jakan and other members of Domain Fath took the idea seriously.[1]



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