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In 25 ABY, a Quara Aqualish was employed as a lieutenant to Big Bunji, the owner and operator of the Jubilee Wheel space station over Ord Mantell. When the spacers Han Solo and Roa were aboard, this Aqualish escorted the two of them, as well as the hoodlum Fasgo, to see Bunji, who was an old acquaintance of Solo's. Bunji and his lieutenant fled when the Yuuzhan Vong, invaders from beyond the Galactic Rim, attacked the Wheel, and the lieutenant located Solo shortly after at a bar in the Lady Fate Casino on Ord Mantell's surface. Bunji felt remorse for leaving his guests behind on the Wheel, and as such, the lieutenant passed on to Solo information of Bunji's regarding Reck Desh, a Human that Solo was pursuing.[1]


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