"The is Madhi Vaandt on assignment for the Perre Needmo Newshour on Blaudu Sextus in the Regulan system, an insignificant mining world on the galactic edge where the hands of power operate beyond the umbrella of Alliance law. The field below is the Big Circle of Fun, an Octusi sporting arena in the capital city Arari."
Madhi Vaandt[src]

The Big Circle of Fun was a sporting arena situated in Arari, the capital city of the planet Blaudu Sextus. The arena was used by the Octusi, a species of semi-sentient centauriforms native to Blaudu Octus, who used the arena to hold footraces and shoving contests. In 44 ABY, the Octusi staged a peaceful protest against their slave masters and a force of Mandalorian mercenaries were sent to the world to bring the Octusi into line. Several days into the revolt, thousands of Octusi gathered in the Big Circle of Fun to plan their next protest march and repair placards that had became damaged during their previous march. However, the Mandalorians surrounded the arena with QuickStryke assault sleds and Belok Rhal, the Mandalorian commander, addressed the Octusi Elder Races-the-Water-Bringing-Wind, ordering all Elders present in the arena to present themselves to the Mandalorians. After the Elder refused, Rhal shot him and then proceeded to murder another Octusi Elder. The two deaths caused the Octusi in the area to panic and they attempted to flee, but were blocked by the Mandalorian assault sleds. On Rhal's orders, the Mandalorians opened fire on the protesting slaves, and large numbers of Octusi perished in the resulting massacre.


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