"Arrr, I'll make you suffer. And we so like suffering!"
―Big Jak Targrim[src]

Big Jak Targrim was the male pirate chief of the Riders of the Maelstrom. He was an extremely large humanoid with four arms.


As of the Galactic Civil War, Big Jak Targrim had become the powerful leader of the notorious Riders of the Maelstrom. While riding with his pirates, Targrim led the group into many skirmishes to plunder ships passing through the Maelstrom. Targrim underwent medical procedures to increase his ruthlessness; supplementing his own genetic code with DNA "acquired" from several crime lords to increase his fearsome demeanor.[1]

Targrim's leadership led to the complete domination of the Maelstrom until a rival pirate, Rodin Higron, won the moon Oasis in a crooked sabacc game. The moon was located inside the Maelstrom, and Rodin Higron's pirates set up shop there. Furious with Higron's intrusion, Targrim devised a scheme to eliminate the rival gang. Targrim's pirates hijacked the Kuari Princess and sent it on a collision course with Higron's base of operations. Unfortunately for the Riders, a team of Alliance to Restore the Republic agents boarded the ship and thwarted Targrim's plan.[1]



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