Biggs Bogan was a male Human pilot of the private ship of Admiral Erel Kersos, who served the Republic during the Clone Wars on the medical ship MedStar of Drongar.


In 20 BBY, he had a romance with the Twi'lek cook Ord Vorra while on Drongar. He and Ord were keen on strag. The Black Sun agent Kaird used this fact to his advantage. Kaird adopted the false identity of "Mont Shomu" and asked the couple to watch a holoprojection of a strag championship. While watching the strag competition, Kaird poured wine poisoned with myocaine. Fifteen minutes later, Biggs and Ord were paralyzed, and the Human was forced to reveal all the codes in order for the assassin to board Admiral Erel Kersos' private ship.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Biggs" and "Bogan" are both names found in early drafts of Star Wars. The first was originally the name of Leia's brother (in the rough draft), and in the second draft, the name of one of Luke's younger brothers. By the third draft the name was applied to Biggs Darklighter. The Bogan was a term for the dark side in the second draft, which was later re-canonized. The existence of a character by these names is a clear reference to these early ideas.[1]



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