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Bill was a male Sullustan Padawan who trained at the Jedi academy at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Like many other Bith, one of Bill's favorite hobbies was music. He was friends with Roan, Pasha, and Egon.

In his first year, Bill ran for student council president against Ronald Rinzler, and Roan made some posters to promote his election upon Bill's request. However, Ronald still won, and Bill was infuriated for a time, before finding a career in music and becoming a D.J. Bill still was mad at Roan before he became a D.J. Because he knew Roan was going to vote for Ronald. Roan did talk with Cyrus and he said if Roan was voting for Ronald, so Roan half-nodded because he was going to vote for bill. Later, Bill was okay and Roan apologized that made Bill happy. He flew in the final flight exam during Roan's second year, but Cronah made him crash. He had a talent for understanding droid language and was able to explain to Roan at the beginning of the second school year that the reason the astromech droid RW-22 had been following him around and bleeping at him was because his shoelaces were united.[2]

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