Through the What's The Story? feature of Hyperspace: The Official Star Wars Fan Club, Billy Buehler named and wrote the backstory for the character of Corla Metonae in the Databank, as well as naming and co-writing the backstory of the Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport. He also added some finishing touches to Olana Chion's entry. Buehler is partially responsible for the fandom cult status of the Whiphid Jedi K'Kruhk and his "freakin' sweet" hat, as well as suggesting the popular unofficial nickname of Vongerella for the unnamed female Yuuzhan Vong mentioned in the Dark Forces Saga. He is a Jedi Council Forums Literature moderator, posting as The2ndQuest. His alias is The2ndquest on and "the2ndquest" on the Dark Horse Comics website. He also created the logo for Fleet Junkies and provided their battle cry.

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