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"Don't waste my time with flattery, Grammel. Since the Emperor dissolved the Senate, we regional governors have been overwhelmed with work."
―Essada, to Grammel[src]

Moff Bin Essada was a Near-Human male who served as the Imperial military governor of the Circarpous sector. After learning from Captain-Supervisor Grammel that Princess Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker were present on Circarpous V, he contacted Darth Vader.


Grammel and Bin Essada

Grammel speaks to Bin Essada.

"I have important news for you, Lord Vader."
―Essada, to Darth Vader[src]

Widely famed as an expert on unusual radiations,[2] Moff Bin Essada[4] served as an Imperial military governor[1] presiding over the Circarpous sector,[4] based on the territorial admintrative world of Gyndine.[5] In the year 2 ABY,[6] he received a First Priority communication from Captain-Supervisor Grammel,[5] the commander of the Imperial garrison on Circarpous V.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

"What business do you have that requires First Priority with me? It had better be important, Captain-Supervisor Grammel. I know you now."
―Essada, to Grammel[src]

Essada was an overweight, swarthy man, whose most outstanding feature was a series of chins falling in steps to the upper part of his chest.[2] It was suspected that, while he appeared Human, his origins may not have been so,[3] hinted at by[1] his perpetually squinted dark eyes,[2] which featured pink pupils[1] ever sensitive to light.[2] He had curling black hair,[1] touched with white at the sides and dyed orange in a spiral pattern on top.[2]



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