Bio-Lab 177 was a laboratory onboard the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Vector.


It was one of several laboratories on board the vessel which were used to research Imperial bioweapons Project I71A, and contained a large vat filled with bubbling fluid, and at least thirty three sets of Human lungs, all of which were breathing in unison. They were connected to a monitoring console beside the vat. Out of the lungs, a black fluid was being siphoned into a series of black tanks nearby. The laboratory was visited by the Imperial Corrections Officer Armitage in 1 BBY while he were attempting to salvage parts to repair the Purge. The vat containing the lungs began to emit a loud screaming sound, which deafened Armitage temporarily. When he turned to leave the laboratory, he was ambushed and killed by Blackwing infected members of the Star Destroyer's crew.


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