An Imperial bio-hound

The bio-hound was a tracking construct produced by Biogears Unlimited for the Galactic Empire. Part computer and part living organism, the bio-hound existed to track and tag targets. When a target was chosen, the bio-hound was exposed to the genetic information of its intended target through the use of various bio material such as skin cells and hair. The bio-hound was then let loose on the planet where it began to test the location for its target. Upon finding the target, the bio-hound could either tag it with a liquid Heldrium-Bastelt chemical compound tracer or use acidic poisons to kill the target off. This made it an effective and devious assassination tool. When the bio-hound located its target, it sent out a continuous broadcast with a range of 50,000 kilometers to a receiver that alerted an agent to the location of a target. The receiver could also be programmed to detect the compound chemical within a range of one kilometer in case the bio-hound lost the target.

The semi-intelligence nature of the bio-hound meant that it could adapt and complete tasks to better track its prey, such as stowing away on a vehicle. It was a malleable organic material allowing it to change shape depending on its environment which was sensed by Stimuli Receptors. It was covered in a mottled gray Flexi-Skin.