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Darth Maladi, female Devaronian member of the One Sith, was skilled at bioengineering.

"What's that armor made from?"
"Not made. Bioengineered. A living vonduun crab, and technology is a poor second to it.
Boba Fett and Nom Anor[src]

Bioengineering was the process of altering or adapting biological subjects to suit specific needs. Those who engaged in these activities were known as bioengineers (sometimes hyphenated bio-engineer).


The earliest example of bioengineering was countless years ago on the sentient planet Yuuzhan'tar which modified living organisms on its surface for specific uses. The living planetoid used these organisms and its symbionts the Yuuzhan Vong to fight off threats to their world. Eventually, Yuuzhan'tar was destroyed but the Yuuzhan Vong retained the practice of bioengineering complex organisms which was done so by their Shapers in order to suit set tasks usually accomplished through technology. This was partly because of the intense technophobia the Yuuzhan Vong had toward machines and they termed their living servants as biots.

The Qella were another race that had mastered bioengineering by modifying organisms on their world though they did not accomplish the means to mass produce the creatures. By 120 BBY, they produced the Teljkon Vagabond and launched it from their world in order to reform Brath Qella after its surface was devastated by a planetoid. Later, by 129 BBY, the Langhesi had migrated to the planet Zonama Sekot where they began shaping the native lifeforms to produce living technology through bioengineering. Certain other species that had learned the art of bioengineering included the Lurrian who had genetically engineered a number of species on their home planet of Lur. The planet Gallinore in the Hapes Consortium also had experience in bioengineering as they created the Rainbow gem in laboratories. The Charon were also another species that used bioengineering to create living technology and their bioscientist caste were adept in its usage.

By 21 BBY, the Confederacy of Independent Systems had conducted their own bioengineering procedures which they worked on the planet Xagobah. The Techno Union were thus able to bioengineer Malvil-tree's and created a living structure called the Mazariyan Citadel on the planet. It was involved in the Battle of Xagobah during the Clone Wars. Following the Clone Wars, the newly formed Galactic Empire placed strict laws in regards to both cloning technology as well as bioengineering which impacted on the Lurrians. The rigid laws also led to numerous acts to circumvent them such as the kidnapping of Lurrians in order to make use of their talents. The Imperial Corps of Bioengineers was the accordant department of the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. In 3 ABY, the Empire bioengineered the cliff wampa from the original wampa ice creature native to the planet Hoth. In addition, Imperial scientists were involved in the creation of bioengineered creatures such as Subject 4D668493X.



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