Biotherapy was a pharmaceutical company that operated on the planet of Cularin during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. It had labs in the city of Gadrin.


The Human woman Gelly Farls worked for Biotherapy. Her husband owned Uniformal Attire, a clothing company that was hired by Culpharm, a rival company of Biotherapy, to design new uniforms for their security staff. Farls provided Biotherapy with some of the new uniforms and they used them to disguise a couple of their agents as Culpharm security guards, allowing them to steal a specimen sample from the Culpharm scientist Waz-alem Amir. The samples were stored overnight in Hedrett and two Biotherapy troopers were sent to take them the the company's labs. Culpharm hired the Heroes of Cularin to investigate the disappearance of the samples and they discovered that Biotherapy was responsible.