A bipod was a two-legged stand that was attached to the barrel of a rifle or a heavy weapon. It steadied the weapon to facilitate aiming and firing. Normally, it was used while prone or adjacent to waist-high or chest-high cover. A bipod could also be used as a mount for heavy weapons such as heavy repeating blasters.[1]

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A Verpine sniper rifle with extended bipod.

The image shows a custom-made Verpine sniper rifle with a bipod, made by the U.S. soldier Raymond Ramirez, a fan with a special connection to Karen Traviss and Star Wars. He made a Verpine sniper rifle on Karen Traviss' request which she posted on her blog - the entry has, unfortunately, been deleted, but an image of the weapon can be found at photobucket. Ramirez's blog has been featured on[2], where a smaller image of the Verpine sniper rifle with bipod can be found. One of his blog entries goes deep into the weapon's functions.



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