"You will do well not to underestimate me, nor should you mock the vast resources at the Emperor's command."

Birket was a Human male who achieved the rank of Major within the Imperial Security Bureau. In this capacity, he had a number of dealings with the bounty hunter Boddu Bocck. On one of these encounters, Birket's assistant was killed by a stray cross-bow bolt from the bounty hunter.

Birket capures Okeefe

Birket toys with Platt Okeefe on Tatooine.

Birket was assigned to capture the smuggler Platt Okeefe. She was known to work heavily for the Rebel Alliance, as well as making a mockery of Imperial Customs. She eluded Birket a number of times, and so when she "kidnapped" a boy from Brentaal, he decided to hire Bocck and his associates to aid in capturing her. Birket ventured into the lower depths of Cloud City, to the seedy section of Port Town to confront Birket. Offering 5,000 credits each up front to Bocck and his associates Beylyssa and Tolga, along with another 25,000 on completion of the mission.

Birket then traveled with Bocck to Tatooine to capture Okeefe's companion, Tru'eb Cholakk. In Mos Eisley, Birket made use of a Kubaz spy to tail Cholakk. While this alerted the Twi'lek that something was up, it also allowed Birket to set a trap around his quarry's ship, the Luudrian Star. With Cholakk captured, the Major ordered the ship flown to Okeefe's prearranged rendezvous point, Dead Bantha Gulch. There, he succeeded in capturing Okeefe, only to have her "captive", Darrik, escape. The boy had actually voluntarily accompanied the smuggler in a form of apprenticeship. On the loose, he managed to free Okeefe and Cholakk. Together they took Birket captive and fled the planet. Okeefe planned to turn the Major over to the Rebel Alliance.

The Major carried a walking stick with a knife embedded in the end. When needed, he would flick out the blade and use it as a weapon.


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