Birtraub was the male boss of Birtraub Brothers Storage and Reclamation Center during the height of the Galactic Empire. He was the brother of Pirtonna Birtraub.


In 0 BBY Birtraub wanted to talk to the Emperor's Hand Mara Jade, because his employees were unable to identify her. During a dialogue Mara demanded a list of the rented ware houses from Biltraub. Instead of giving her the list, his enforcer Pirtonna threatened her with his blaster. However, Mara disarmed him quickly and drugged him and Birtraub's enforcers. Then he told her about a customer, Caaldra, a pirate who stored stolen paintings in Birtraub's storehouse since a long time. After that there was a battle between Birtraub and Mara, because he didn't say her where to find Caaldra. Mara won the battle easily by getting out of the way of his attacks. After the lost battle he told Mara Caalsra's residence.


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