The Bissillirus Resupply Base was a space station established by the Galactic Empire in the Bissillirus system.


The station was 200 meters in diameter and 1,500 meters tall. It was crewed by 376 support and administrative personnel, 36 pilots, and 60 gunners. The base had consumables for one year and was defended by 20 turbolaser battery turrets, a reinforced hull, deflector shields, two squadrons of TIE/LN starfighters, and 608 Imperial Navy troopers. The station housed three Lambda-class T-4a shuttles and two Regulator X-Q2 System Patrol Cruisers. With six landing bays and two docking bays, the Bissillirus Resupply Base could provide berth and service for eight large transports and 1,750 people at any time. The base was built in 14 standard days.



Notes and referencesEdit

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