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―Found written on the wall of the mess hall of Purge[src]

Warden Bissley Kloth presided over the inmates being transported aboard the Imperial prison barge Purge.

At the age of seventeen, Kloth joined the crew of the Purge, and by the time he was twenty-two, he had been appointed navigator and second-in-command under Wyatt Styrene, though he had a goal of someday being warden himself. While transporting a shipment of prisoners to Cog Hive Seven, the ship was hijacked by Jabba Desilijic Tiure.[1] Sometime later, Kloth eventually became captain and warden of the vessel.[2]

Thirty-two years later, the engines of Purge broke down, and a team was sent to scavenge parts from a nearby derelict Star Destroyer. When they returned, they were contaminated with a strange infectious disease. When the team was questioned about their experience in the medbay, all they could tell about it was the word "Blackwing." Bissley wrote to his superior, Sergeant Hazar Yupcavage, and informed him of the situation. The infected members were isolated, though the disease still spread, and a distress signal was put out to any and all Imperial craft in the vicinity.[2]

Jareth Sartoris would go to talk to the warden after the first of the crewmates aboard the Purge were starting to die. Entering the warden's office, Sartoris found Kloth curled up beneath his desk, his body wracked with disease. Sartoris ask for the launch codes for the escape pods, but when the warden started stalling, insisting that Sartoris carry him to the pod, Sartoris threatened the warden with death if he did not give him the codes. Kloth handed them over, and then asked jeeringly if Sartoris wanted to know what score he had received on his evaluation test, suggesting a low number. Sartoris replied, "I think we both know how I did," and then shot the warden twice point-blank in the face with apprehended blaster rifles, detaching Kloth's head from his body.[2]



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