"When my cyborg soldiers are complete, the Jedi will crumble before us."
―Bitt Panith[src]

Bitt Panith was a male Muun cyberneticist who assisted in the creation of General Grievous' robotic body. Similar to Grievous, Panith had multiple cybernetic parts installed to his arms, legs, and head. He had a secret laboratory on the Trandoshan moon, Akoshissss. During the Clone Wars, he worked on project Krossen, a cyborg immune to the Force. An active scientist employed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Panith was funded directly by one of its leaders, Dooku. When Dooku threatened to cut off Panith's funds because the project was taking much more time than anticipated, Panith became resentful of the Confederate leader. Krossen was destroyed, however, before it could be perfected or mass-produced by Jedi Master Bant Eerin, her Padawan, Jaylen Kos and the Eighteenth Battalion during the Battle of Akoshissss. Panith was arrested by Eerin and was sent to trial on Coruscant after the battle. He owned a transport.

Personality and traitsEdit

Panith was cowardly and paranoid, always keeping a squad of MagnaGuards around, even if he was alone. He was also very confident in his abilities and became resentful of those who did not believe in him as much as he did, as shown when Dooku threatened to cut his funding.

Behind the scenesEdit

Bitt Panith was created for the 2008 The Clone Wars: The Way of the Jedi novel, a "Decide Your Destiny" young reader book based on The Clone Wars film. It was written by Jake Forbes.



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